Send Emails With Fake Email Address To Anyone Anonymously

Did you ever wish to send an email to someone you know personally, from someone else’s email ID, with the intention to prank or to be EVIL. Well guess what, I recently discovered a web service from where you can send emails to anyone with any email ID you want. You can send emails using your Boss Email ID to your co-workers, from your friends email ID to any other friend’s girlfriend etc. That sounds EVILISH isn’t it, lolz.

There are tons of websites which offers their service to send anonymous emails to anyone, but there are quite few which also allows you to use someone else’s email ID to send the emails from. The website which I found easy, simple and authentic is anonymousemail. Using this website, you can send emails to anyone with any email ID without any trouble. Not only that, it also allows you to attach files as well (if you want to).

Once an email is sent, the receiver will not be able to recognize it as a fake one, because he will only see the authentic email address of the person which you have used to send the email from. But if the person is smart enough or have some info about internet world, then he can check it out whether the email is genuine or not from the message header. But as I said, for a normal guy, it’s almost impossible to identify the fakeness of an email.

Important Note

1. Please do not use this web service for any Illegal purpose, harassment, threats or spam.
2. If the receiver replies to the email, it will neither come to you, nor the actual person whose email address you have used.
3. Don’t put any email address in the Reply To box, because if the receiver tries to reply to your email, then he can discover that it was a fake email.
4. Nothing is untraceable, so don’t do anything illegal.

How To Send Email With Fake Email Address To Anyone

Click Here to open the anonymousemail website.

I don’t think there is much explanation required to guide you through each step. It’s a pretty simple website, just fill the boxes with the required details, click I’m not a robotcheckbox, wait for few seconds, and once the green tick mark appears then click the Send button. If you want to attach a file with the email, then click the Choose file button.Once it’s sent, you can see how receiver will see that email (in below pic). At the Tosection, it’s exactly the same email address which I used to send the email, and there is no way you can consider it as a spam email (ofcourse this is just an example email, if you have used your Boss email ID, then it’s hard to identify it as a fake one).

Even if I try to reply the email, you can see the email address remains unchanged and it looks pretty genuine.

Note: As already said above, if I reply to this email, it will not be forwarded to anyone, because it was just a fake email address. Though you will say that you have used a genuine email address, but in actual, behind that genuine email address (which you used) the real identity is hidden in the message header, from where any person who has some info about how to identify spam emails can easily make out.There is also an advance mode, where you can play with some advance settings of it, but I don’t recommend anyone to use until unless you know what you are doing.

Last Thoughts

Anonymousemail is an excellent mail service for various purposes, but let me remind you once again, don’t use it for any illegal activity or else you will find yourself in a big trouble. There is always a limit in Fun, don’t ever cross it.

Give it a try to this web service and then share your comments / suggestions below.