Download YouTube Videos without Installing Any Software via browser

People like me who likes to watch funny videos in spare time or some training videos at YouTube often face frustration to download these videos from YouTube. Although i like to install softwares but i hate to do that for each small thing. And i can expect the same thing from an average computer user as well. What if their is a method where you can download the videos from YouTube without installing any software. Its really super cool thing to do.

Yes it’s possible and for that all you need is a browser and an Internet Connection (ofcourse…it’s a dumb thing to even mention) Let me guide you in an easy way

Step by Step

1. Go to YouTube and open the video which you want to download in any browser (incase you are not able to download the video using this method, then i suggest you to follow the same steps while using Internet Explorer) 

2. Now in the address bar, just replace the with as shown in below pic and press Enter


3. After pressing Enter, voobys website will open and a java pop-up will comes up saying application’s digital signature cannot be verified. Just click the Run Button


4. After that, it will show you the different versions of the videos which you can download. At YouTube, the videos are available in different formats like 240p, 360p, 480p, 720P, 1020p HD. If the video at YouTube is available in different format, the voobys website will also show you multiple options as shown in below pic


5. The videos which are in 720p or 1020p HD format, will be downloaded in MP4 format whereas videos which are in lower formats like 240p, 360p or 480p these videos will be downloaded in flv format.

6. For all the videos at YouTube, the Voobys option of versioning is like this
Version 1 – 240p, Version 2 – 360P, Version 3 – 480p and Version 4 – 720 or 1020p HD

7. Just click the version which you want and the video will starts downloading.

Although their are many softwares which you can use to download the videos from YouTube but this is the best and the easiest method which you can use anywhere without installing anything

Last Words
Do you know any other way which is more easier than this then do post your suggestions and comments at below page