Alternate Way To Watch YouTube Videos Without Going To YouTube Website

We all love YouTube, but it’s getting messy day by day. By using the word messy I mean that it’s interface is getting full of clutter which includes suggestions, comments, advertisements and some other stuff. If you try to open any YouTube video, these all things makes the page loading process long and fill up the page space with unnecessary stuff, providing not a clean interface.

Alternate Way To Browse YouTube Videos Without Going To YouTube

Toogles is a website which provides you one of the best alternative ways to browse and enjoy YouTube videos. This website will give you a roller coaster kind of experience. It’s super fast (and I really mean it), with no other crappy stuff on the page, giving you are very neat and tidy video watching experience.
As soon you open the website, it will show the thumbnail preview of all the popular / trending videos on its very first page. The page loading time is very fast because Toogles pages has nothing else than the video iteself. On the left side of the page, you will find filters which you can use to browse category specific videos. You can make searches at Toogles using the search box at the Top left side of it, which will quickly bring the results from YouTube.
Clicking any video thumbnail will open it within a few seconds. Again, the page loading time is very fast because there are no comments section, no suggestions, no related videos which can delay the loading of the page. The page is as simple as it can be as shown below.
On the left side of the page, you will find details of the video under Info tab. In order to see Related videos, click the Related Tab.
You can also maximize the video in the browser itself by clicking the X icon just beside the search button.
Clicking it will open the video in a complete browser page. This is an excellent way to watch videos in the browser without acutally maximizing it on the complete screen.
If you want to watch the same video in the YouTube, just click the Title of the video and than you will be redirected to the YouTube page.
Last Words
There is nothing much to tell you about Toogles website, else than the fact that it’s really a Very Fast way to browse and watch videos from YouTube.
Visit the Toogles website and than leave your comments / feedback below.

Website: Toogles