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Umair Shaikh | Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | |

I was planning to write an article on Scam / Phishing Email detection, how to recognize an email whether it's a legitimate or a scam mail. But then I thought before posting an article about it, lets test how good you really are in the identification of legitimate emails.

All of us receive emails on a daily basis. Many of those emails pretend to be from bank, social accounts or from friends but they actually are fake - Phishing email. As already explained in the previous article, the bad guys tries to fool you by making a copy of the original websites and then they send you fake emails with links, which redirects you (if you click such links) to the fake websites, that’s called Phishing. These fake websites are used to grab your personal information like E-mails, Passwords, credit card numbers and any other personal information which may be useful to them.

Of course I know that you simply can't avoid yourself from opening emails which at least looks like are from banks, friends or from any known person. But, while checking emails, you should carefully read the context of it and click only those links for which you are 100% sure that are genuine. The question is how can you identify and find the difference between a fake and a genuine email? Well that's what the Phishing IQ test is all about - give it a try.

To begin click the "Start the Test" button. Each question will be displayed one at a time in a browser window and you decide if the e-mail is a "Phish" or "Legitimate." When you have completed the test you'll get a score along with a chance to see "why" a question was a phish or legitimate. Good Luck!

Note: Do read the Helpful Hints mentioned at the website before clicking the Start The Test button.

By the way, find below screenshot of my IQ Test result which is 10 out of 10. GREAT!!!

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  1. I got b10%, i e only one right answer. This means I understand least about the advise what should I do.

    1. Well that's a very poor score, but don't worry. Just wait for few more days and you will see an article on this subject very soon.

  2. i recieved 8/10 and one of the wrong answers was selecting phishing when it was legitimate. i suppose 9/10 isn't bad

  3. I got 9 out of 10. I got the UPS one wrong. I totally missed that incorrect grammar.

    1. That's a Good Score. You guys already know all the stuff :)

  4. Excellent test. I got 9/10. I said the Chase Bank was phishing because the email was addressed to Srap ananda, not John Doe. At least my error was the safe way round.