Upload FIles And Folder Using Google Chrome At Google Drive

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We discussed how to install Google Drive software and how to upload files and folders using it. We also saw how you can upload files and folders using Internet Explorer or Firefox or any other web browser. Since there are many ways to upload the files / folders at the Google Drive, in this article we will see how to upload files / folders using Google Chrome.

Note: Google Drive is a product of Google and so is Chrome browser. That's why things gets easy if you access Google Drive using Chrome browser.

Upload Files Using Google Chrome Web Browser

1. Open Google Drive in Chrome browser.

2. Now click the Upload button at the left side bar.

3. It will ask you to select either Files or Folder option. (select as per you requirement)

4. Clicking the Files option will open a dialogue box from where you can select the file from your computer which you want to upload at Google Drive.

5. Click
Open button and a windows will pop-up from the right bottom side, displaying the Uploading Status.

6. Once the uploading is finished, just click the x button to close that pop-up window.

7. You can also upload more than 1 file at Google Drive, by keep pressing the
CTRL key and select multiple files from the same folder.

8. After selecting multiple files, click
Open button and than you can see the uploading status of all the files at the pop-up window.

Upload Folder Using Google Chrome Web Browser

1. Click the
Upload button and than select the Folder option.

2. A small dialogue box will pop-up, asking you to select the folder which you want to upload at Google Drive.

You cannot select multiple folders by pressing the CTRL key, but if your main folder has many sub-folders, than all the folders will get uploaded.

3. After selecting the folder click
OK and than you can see the uploading status of it at the pop-up window.

Last Words

As you can see that how easy things can become if you use Google Chrome to upload your Google Drive files / folders. Well it's not that difficult to use Google Drive in other browser as well, but their is a small thing to do which we will see in our next post.

Till then, upload some files and folders at Google Drive and than leave your comments / feedback below.


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