Facebook Tips : How To Search For A Friend Already Added In Facebook

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facebook-tips Facebook is a great online social community, which offers too many things at a single platform. If you have been on Facebook for a long time, then you would be having so many friends, some even have thousands. In that case, if you want to see a particular friend in Facebook (for what ever reasons) than it can be a time consuming process if you don’t know how to search for it.

Their are number of ways in Facebook which you can use to search for a particular friend.

a. If your friend is an active member of Facebook than ofcourse you can see his/her news feeds at your Facebook’s main news feed area. Just scroll down the page and look for his name (yea yea … Everyone know this thing)

b. After login Facebook, you can copy and paste this link in the address bar www.facebook.com/friends/edit/  which will take you to the Facebook Friends List page.

c. At any where on the Facebook, you will see a search box at the top of the page. You can write the name of your friend their (i expect you know his/her name atleast) and Facebook will Instantly bring the results in the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu will also includes some other suggestions with similar name (which are not in your existing friends list). Clicking his/her picture or name will take you to the profile page



d. At your Facebook’s Home page left hand side, you can see the Friends link.


Clicking it will show you friend requests page. Just click the Edit Friends button


It will open Facebook Lists page. If you have created any lists before than you can select the list name and than look for your friend there or you can click the See All Friends link as shown below


If you click on the See All Friends link, it will show all of your Facebook friends in a list. Either you can scroll down the page and look for your friend or write his/her name in the Friend Search Box and Facebook will immediately bring the results (You don’t have to press enter while or after typing)


e. Click on your Profile Name (left hand side of your Facebook’s home page)


It will open your profile page and from there you can click any of the Friends link at the left hand sidebar


Clicking any of the link will open your Friends List page. You can make a search for your Friend with it’s first or last name, city name, hometown etc


Last Words:

These are the ways which you can use to search for any friend which is already part of your existing Facebook network. Hope you will find it useful. If you know any other cool Facebook Tip, then do share it at below page commenting section.


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