Download All Email Attachments From Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or From Any Other Online Email Service

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Mail-Attachment-Downloader If you just want to download all of the email attachments from your email accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc then one way is to open each and every email and then save the attachment in the computer (you got to be kidding me!) and other fabulous method is to use a software Mail Attachment Downloader. The software downloads only the Email attachments securely using encrypted channels based on your search preference without downloading the whole email.

You can setup various filters to specify what you want to download. You can also setup a schedule where-in the program fetches attachments on a regular basis in the background when the program is running. The beauty of this software is that it doesn’t open your emails while downloading the attachments. It means if any email is marked as un-read, it will remain un-read until you open it. Mail Attachment Downloader supports, Windows XP, Vista, Seven  and Server 2008

How To Download Email Attachments From My Email Account

1. Download The Mail Attachment Downloader

2. It’s a very tiny application and will take a minute or 2 for downloading.

3. Once downloaded, run the installation file. There is nothing much to do during the setup. Only at one stage it will show you a warning message. Just click Install.


4. After installation either run software from the start menu or it will start automatically


5. Now you have to configure the software as per your requirement. You have to enter your Email address and password at the credentials section (as you can see in above screenshot) and specify the download location as well.

6. The software has some important settings which you should go through before downloading the attachments.

7. Under Folder and Files section, define the search area. If you want to make a search only in Inbox, then select the Inbox only option or else clicking the Selected Folder option will show you the list of all of your folders at the bottom screen and you can select the folders from which you want to download your attachments from. I will also recommend you to tick mark the box for Create a folder on disk for every corresponding mailbox folder and If you want, you can tick mark the second option as well


8. At the Basic Filters tab you can choose to check all mail or selectively check new messages only. You can also filter email attachments by size or by file type


9. At the Advanced Filters Tab, you can download specific email attachments as well by filtering attachments based on who the mail is from, with a certain subject, based on when the mail was sent (in a date/time range) and more.


10. Mail Attachment Downloader will be minimized to your system tray and can automatically download  attachments either daily, hourly or a custom time if you specify at the General Options tab


11. Before setting up any email account at Mail Attachment Downloader, visit the Mail Server tab and see its status and other settings (if required). You can use any online web service that supports POP3 or IMAP. IMAP is preferred for faster search criteria


12. Once you are done with the settings, click the Connect and Download button at the top right corner of the software and it will start downloading all of your email attachments as per your settings


Last Words:

Mail Attachment Downloader really is a very nice and fantastic application to download all of your email attachments from the online email services. Give it a try and then share your comments and suggestions at below page commenting section

Download The Software : Mail Attachment Downloader

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