Spam Emails Statistics – Infographic

Umair Shaikh | Tuesday, March 01, 2011 | |

If you have an email account (ofcourse you would be having it) then you would be knowing it already that what spam is. You would be kind a frustrated with lots of junk mails coming in to your inbox on daily basis. I was surprised to know that India is on no. 2 in the most spam sending countries and is no 1 domain which is used to send the spam emails

Well now a days spam filters do a great job protecting inboxes from these junks emails but some unwanted emails still slip through. And sometimes, these filters do their job too well by blocking the important emails that people do want to receive. These acceptable messages are called email whitelists. Whitelists mail are those emails which we do want to receive.

Below infographic shows the stats related to spam emails vs. whitelists emails, which is a must read. Click on the picture to have a larger view in a new window / tab



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