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Starting Page

Privacy is always a concern for everyone. We like to browse on Internet without being tracked by anyone. (especially in our offices :P) In my post about Google Web History in which i explained how Google records your browsing history, it was really a surprise for me atleast but i finds it useful. For others it can be a big privacy loophole (kinda) and if you want to avoid being tracked by Google especially while you are making searches on it, then here is the solution.

Starting Page is a simple web app (in simple words a website) which acts as a proxy server between you and a Google. Which does nothing but brings the search results from the Google on behalf of you without telling Google that who made that search. In such case, Google can’t track you like it does as already discussed in my previous post.

How Actually It Works

When you make a search at Starting Page, they submit your search query to Google and return the search results to you in total privacy. Because Starting Page does the searching for you, you never make direct contact with Google. That means Google can’t record your IP address, log your visits or put tracking cookies on your browser. And the website claims that they also don’t keep these records of yours.

It also has a settings page, which you can see by clicking on the settings button at the top right section of the web page. Which i recommend to all of you to see and make the changes as per your requirement.

Last Words

I made couple of searches at that site and was quite satisfied atleast with the searched results. Give it a try and share your comments at below page commenting section

Visit The Site At : Starting Page

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