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chrome search People who use Google Chrome for their Internet browsing, they would be knowing that you don’t have to go to Google each time if you want to make a search. You can simply type in the top address bar and press enter key and it will show you the results automatically at the Google’s page. (the top address bar often referred as “OMNI Box” as well)  But what if you don’t want to make a search on Google and would like to bring the search results from Yahoo or Bing or from any other site automatically.

Well you can change your default search engine by following below steps.

How To Change – Step By Step

1. Click the Wrench Icon on the right hand side top and select Options

chrome options

2. On the Basics Tab, at the search section Google would be set as your default search engine

chrome basics tab

3. You can change this setting by clicking on the Manage button. You will see that their are many other search engines which you can use

chrome search engine manage

4. You can add new search engines, edit the ones which are already in the list and can even delete them altogether.

5. The list is divided into two sections (you can see that in the above screenshot). The first half has “Default Search Options” that were included with Chrome and the second one has "Others Search Engines".   These are the ones that Chrome has automatically added when you did a search on that website in Chrome.

6. If your desired search engine site is not listed here then what you can do is that first visit the site and make a search over there (just anything) and then comeback over here and you will see your site listed in the “other search engine” section. Just select your site and make it as your default search engine.

Last Words:

By following above steps you can change your default search engine in Google Chrome Browser and you can also add a new site. But the story doesn’t finishes over here. In the next post i will explain you how you can use the keyword shortcuts to search sites in Google Chrome. Which is another fantastic feature to become more efficient while you are browsing on Internet using Chrome.

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