Disable Firewall Balloon Notification – Win XP / 7

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alert If you have disabled windows built-in firewall in your computer (Win XP, Vista or Win 7) then you will surely get irritated by the balloon messages which every time pops-up when ever you restart your computer or after every half an hour or something like that.  You will see the messages as shown in the below pictures

xp firewall

win7 firewall

These messages are just the alerts which prompt you in order to take a correct action. I agree that this firewall notification is a good thing but often their is a requirement where you have to disable your operating system built-in firewall. After disabling it, above message keep comes up and you have to click the cross each time.

If you want to disable only this Windows Firewall Notification then follow these steps

In Win XP:

1. Click Start –> Control Panel –> Security Settings 
2. You will see that your firewall is off as shown in below picture (if it’s not off then you can do that over here)

security center

3. Click on the Recommendation button
4. Now mark a check at “I have firewall solution that I’ll monitor myself” and click ok.

xp firewall2
5. That’s it and you will not see these firewall notifications anymore

Or what else you can do that after clicking on the Windows Security Center, on your left hand side there will be a menu as shown in the below pic.

winxp firewall3
Click on the last option which is “Change the way Security center alerts me” and following window will pop-up

Now from here just remove the check mark from the Firewall and Click OK and you are done.

In Win 7: 
1. Go to Control Panel  
2. then go to System and Security section
3. Select Review your computer status
4. From your left hand side menu, select Change Action Center Settings
5. Now simply remove the check mark from the notifications which you don’t want to receive in the security messages and maintenance settings section. 
6. Click ok and you are done

Last Words:
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