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Umair Shaikh | Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | |

While working at office if you receive an email with an attachment and when you try to open it, it gives you an error saying unknown format….really an eye popping scenario. Since Microsoft has launched Ms-Office 2007, people are confused with the document extension and it’s support with it’s previous versions. But most of the people have installed conversion softwares in their computers and who don’t know about such softwares, they just run after their colleagues to convert the file in an old Ms-Office format.

To overcome such situation, Zoho’s new online conversation and viewer service comes in place. It’s an online site which offers you to change the format of your files according to the software version installed in your computer. You can convert a DOC file to PDF or an XLS file to CSV and so on. The best part is that No sign up needed and No installation required.

Please note that the file size should not be more than 10MB and only following file formats are supported:

*   Microsoft Office – doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, & pps
*   OpenDocument – odt, ods, & odp
*   OpenOffice – sxw, sxc, & sxi
*   Other Formats – rtf, txt, html, csv, & tsv

Step by Step

1. Go to the site : and you will see a page as shown in below pic


2. Click the choose file button and browse a document which you want to convert.


3. As i attached a blogging.docx document, it asked me that in which format i want a document to be converted into

4. I simply select DOC-Microsoft Word Document (which is an old format of Ms-Office Word file) and click Convert

5. And That’s it. Just save the file on your Desktop and you have your document with a changed format.

Incase you don’t want to convert your document and simply want to view the file content than in this case, open the site and click View link. Browser your file which you want to view and click View button as shown in below picture. This saves a lot of time from the installation of a software or asking the sender to convert the file and send it in another format.


How you were doing it before? Are you using any software to convert such files? do answer these questions at below page commenting section.

To Convert or View your files go to :


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