Send Emails With Fake Email Address To Anyone Anonymously

Did you ever wish to send an email to someone you know personally, from someone else’s email ID, with the intention to prank or to be EVIL. Well guess what, I recently discovered a web service from where you can send emails to anyone with any email ID you want. You can send emails using your Boss Email ID to your co-workers, from your friends email ID to any other friend’s girlfriend etc. That sounds EVILISH isn’t it, lolz.

There are tons of websites which offers their service to send anonymous emails to anyone, but there are quite few which also allows you to use someone else’s email ID to send the emails from. The website which I found easy, simple and authentic is anonymousemail. Using this website, you can send emails to anyone with any email ID without any trouble. Not only that, it also allows you to attach files as well (if you want to).

Once an email is sent, the receiver will not be able to recognize it as a fake one, because he will only see the authentic email address of the person which you have used to send the email from. But if the person is smart enough or have some info about internet world, then he can check it out whether the email is genuine or not from the message header. But as I said, for a normal guy, it’s almost impossible to identify the fakeness of an email.

Important Note

1. Please do not use this web service for any Illegal purpose, harassment, threats or spam.
2. If the receiver replies to the email, it will neither come to you, nor the actual person whose email address you have used.
3. Don’t put any email address in the Reply To box, because if the receiver tries to reply to your email, then he can discover that it was a fake email.
4. Nothing is untraceable, so don’t do anything illegal.

How To Send Email With Fake Email Address To Anyone

Click Here to open the anonymousemail website.

I don’t think there is much explanation required to guide you through each step. It’s a pretty simple website, just fill the boxes with the required details, click I’m not a robotcheckbox, wait for few seconds, and once the green tick mark appears then click the Send button. If you want to attach a file with the email, then click the Choose file button.Once it’s sent, you can see how receiver will see that email (in below pic). At the Tosection, it’s exactly the same email address which I used to send the email, and there is no way you can consider it as a spam email (ofcourse this is just an example email, if you have used your Boss email ID, then it’s hard to identify it as a fake one).

Even if I try to reply the email, you can see the email address remains unchanged and it looks pretty genuine.

Note: As already said above, if I reply to this email, it will not be forwarded to anyone, because it was just a fake email address. Though you will say that you have used a genuine email address, but in actual, behind that genuine email address (which you used) the real identity is hidden in the message header, from where any person who has some info about how to identify spam emails can easily make out.There is also an advance mode, where you can play with some advance settings of it, but I don’t recommend anyone to use until unless you know what you are doing.

Last Thoughts

Anonymousemail is an excellent mail service for various purposes, but let me remind you once again, don’t use it for any illegal activity or else you will find yourself in a big trouble. There is always a limit in Fun, don’t ever cross it.

Give it a try to this web service and then share your comments / suggestions below.

What Are Function Keys – F1, F2, ….., F12 On Keyboard

Recently I accidently spilled some water on my Desktop Keyboard and while cleaning I realized, there are so many keys on Keyboard which not many people are aware of and that’s why simply ignore their presence. That’s how I came up with an idea to explain the features of those keys which not many people are aware of and are not using it.


(Pic Ref : Wikipedia)
To start with, in this article I will explain the functionality of the Function Keys (F1, F2, …., F12) which you may find in all the Desktop and Laptop Keyboards. These keys are present in the top row of your Keyboard and provide some basic but very useful features (they are like Keyboard Shortcuts). On new or advance keyboards, you will find additional functionalities which are added by the manufacturers on these function keys for e.g. Volume Up/Down/Mute etc.

Moreover, each Function Key has a standard function which it performs when you press it, but you can also perform some additional tasks if you use these keys along with CTRL / ALT / SHIFT key. In Laptops, you may perform more additional tasks using these Function keys, if you use it along with Fn key.

Anyhow, in this article I will explain what will happen when you press each of these Function keys in Windows and what other functions it can perform if you use it along with CTRL / ALT / SHIFT keys.

F1 Key

* If you press F1 key in Windows (on Desktop or anywhere in Windows Explorer), it will open a Help and Support Center window, which you can use to learn more about Windows.

* If you press F1 key while using any software, it will open a help window for that particular software.

F2 Key

* This is a very useful key, which you can use to Rename any file / folder / icon in Windows. Just select any File / Folder and then press F2 key.

F3 Key

* Using the F3 key in Windows, you can quickly open a Search Window. Using this search, you can make a search for files / folders in your PC.

In Win XP
In Win 7
* If you press F3 in a browser, then it will open a Search / Find box, using which you can search for a word on that particular page only.
Internet Explorer
F4 Key

* Pressing F4 key in Windows Explorer will open the Address Bar, from where you can quickly navigate to other Folders / Drives in Windows.

* Pressing F4 in Internet Explorer will open the Address Bar, from where you can re-visit your previously / recently opened pages. (This key doesn’t work in any other browser)
* If you hold down ALT Key and then press F4 key (ALT+F4), then it will close the active window or the complete software. Means, whatever you are working on, you can close that window immediately by pressing the ALT+F4 key. For e.g. if you have opened 3 word documents, by pressing the ALT+F4 key in Word will close the Microsoft Word program completely, including all of the three documents.

* But If you have opened 3 word documents, by pressing the CTRL+F4 key will only close that particular document which is currently active, it will not close the complete software.

* In any Web Browser, you can press CTRL+F4 key to close the currently active Tab. The same thing can be achieved by pressing the CTRL+W.

* If none of the window / software is open or you are at the Desktop, then pressing the ALT+F4 key will pop-up the Shutdown / Log Off / Restart message.

F5 Key

* Pressing the F5 key will refresh your screen. Doesn’t matter wherever you are in Windows, pressing this key will quickly refresh it.

* The best use of F5 key is when you are browsing on the Internet. Pressing the F5 key in any browser, will Reload the page. This key is especially helpful when you visit any Sports website to see the live score or to read a live commentary of a match. These websites are set to refresh automatically after every 30 seconds or 1 minute, so that you will get a new score / commentary each time it refreshes. But when thousands of people visit the same websites at a same time, then you will feel some kind of lag on those pages. F5 key helps you to refresh those pages quickly whenever you want.

* But in some cases, F5 key also doesn’t work properly and you still see old updates on those websites. In such situation, you can hold down CTRL key and then press F5 key (CTRL+F5) to forcefully refresh the page without loading the contents from the browser’s Cache, and it works most of the time.

F6 Key

* If you are at Desktop, pressing F6 key will toggle between the Desktop Icons, Taskbar Items, Status Tray Icons and Show Desktop button. Means, without using the mouse, you can open or select any of the item using F6 key.

* If you are in Windows Explorer, pressing F6 key will toggle between the Drives, Menu bar, Address bar and Side bar items. Means, without using the mouse, you can open or select any of the item using F6 key.

* If you press F6 key in any browser, it will highlight the Address bar of it. It means, you can quickly type any website address without using the mouse.

F7 Key

Pressing F7 key in Internet Explorer will enable the Caret Browsing Feature. This feature puts a movable cursor on the webpage and allows you to select the text using the Keyboard. (Quite a useless option).

F8 Key

* When you turn on PC, immediately press this key to bring these options (as shown below)

Note: You press F8 key when you want to boot Windows in Safe mode.

F9 Key

No Feature (at least not in my knowledge)

F10 Key

* Pressing F10 key in Windows Explorer and Browsers will Show / Highlight the Menu bar. The same thing can be achieve if you simply press the ALT key on Keyboard. (The F10 or ALT key works in most of the softwares).

* Select any file / folder, then hold down SHIFT key and Press F10 key (SHIFT+F10), it will open the Right Click Context Menu. It works in the same way if you click Right Click a folder with a Mouse.

Note: New keyboards even have a Right Click button on them, which you can use to perform similar function.

F11 Key

As already explained in my previous article, with the help of F11 key you can hide your browser’s Address Bar, Toolbars, Tabs and Windows Taskbar, which will give you a Full Screen view mode. (for details read : Browse Websites In Full Screen View Mode)

F12 Key

No Feature (at least not in my knowledge)

Last Words

As you can see, some of the Function Keys are quite useful (e.g. F2, F3, F5, F8 & F11), while some Function Keys offer interesting feature only when you use them along with ALT / CTRL / SHIFT key (e.g. F4, F5 and F10) and some of them do nothing or are almost useless (F6, F7, F9, F10 & F12). I tried my best to explain the functionality of these keys in Windows, if you know some other feature of these keys in Windows or in any other software, then do share with us at below page commenting section.

Try these Function Keys on your PC and then share your Comments / Feedback below.

Best Websites To Play Free Online Games

During a hectic work schedule whenever I need a break, the best thing which I love to do is to read some Interesting blogs or spend some time playing Online Games. Though most of us have Smartphones which contain games as well, but playing games online is a totally different feeling for me at least (especially on a computer). Doesn’t matter how young or old you are, once you start playing games, it just grabs your attention and makes you totally involved in it within a second. Well that’s why I avoid playing games in Office at least, because I get too much excited and then I get lots of attention from my Manager 🙂

Anyhow, I thought to share with all of you some famous / well known websites from where you can find and play good online games free of cost. I did my research well, but there are thousands of websites which offer you free online games and of course I cannot name all of them. Beside these, if you know some other interesting websites which offer a good collection of Free Online Games, then do share it at below page commenting section. Let’s make this list useful for everyone by sharing what you also know is the best.
List Of Best Websites Which Offer Free Online Games

2. TIGdb

3. Pogo

8. Zynga
10. nickmom
11. BGames
Last Words

This list will never end if I try to list down the name of many other websites which I thought are not that much important. If you think that I have missed a very interesting online gaming website which should be included in this list, then do share it below.

Visit these websites and then share your Comments / Feedback below.

How To Search And Download Torrent Files

By this time I believe that most of you would be familiar with Torrent / BitTorrent and at least know the basics as explained in the previous article. Now it’s time for action, we will see how actually you can use a BitTorrent client software to download the files (software, movies, music, books etc.). This is a quick guide for everyone to learn the basics of the BitTorrent client software, Torrent websites, how to search for good Torrent files and how to download using the BitTorrent client software.

It’s not a big science which you have to learn, after reading this article you will see how quickly you can start downloading the stuff you want without going into the advance settings. And I promise, from now onwards most of you will download hell of stuff using BitTorrent client software only. So without wasting more time, lets begin.

First Thing First — BitTorrent Client Software

Before doing anything, you need a BitTorrent client software to download Torrent files. For that purpose, there are two very famous software and you can use either of them without any worries, BitTorrent or uTorrent.

Note: I know this thing confuses most of the people. First of all BitTorrent is a method (Protocol — a set of rules and description of how to do things) which you use to download files shared by other people using a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed file system. Secondly, there is also a software name BitTorrent which you can use to download Bittorent files, just like uTorrent software.

Now it’s upto you which software you want to you. Since uTorrent is more recognized and famous, I will also use that software for the purpose of this article.

1. Visit the uTorrent website from Here.

2. Click Get uTorrent button.


3. Click the Free Download link to begin the downloading.
4. The file size is approx. 1.2 MB and will not take much time for downloading.

5. Once the downloading is finished, click the downloaded file to begin installation.

6. During installation it will ask you to make it Auto Start (when you turn on PC) and to add an exception in the Firewall software.

7. I will recommend to Uncheck only the Start uTorrent when Windows starts up option and then click Next.

8. On the next step it will offer you some free stuff. Just Uncheck the option and click Next.

9. This step is a very tricky one, it confuses me as well. It will ask you to Install the Toolbarand it looks like without enabling the option you can’t proceed with the Installation. Just DISABLE / UNCHECK all the options and then click Next.
10. The last step will ask you to Install WinZip software, make sure you select Declineoption and then click Finish button. (Phewww.. that’s one hell of a task)
11. It will take a minute or two and immediately uTorrent main screen will popup.
12. The interface is clean and simple, but don’t click the advertisements which you will find at the top.

Second Step — Search For The File

Once you are done with the Installation, now it’s time to search for the Torrent file you are looking for. There are tons of websites from where you can download Torrent files, but the biggest problem is either the file would be corrupt, contains a virus, downloading will never finish (means it will be an incomplete file) or the file itself contains something else (means the name of the file is different than its contents – a fake file).

Because of these reasons, its recommended to download only from well known websites. In this regard, there are two websites which are very famous :

1. The Pirate Bay
2. IsoHunt

At these websites, use the search box to search for your Torrents. (like you use Google search)

You will get tons of search results, but there are few things which you have to carefully look at before downloading any Torrent file.
1. Check The File Name

Some times the file name looks similar to the one you are looking for, but in actual it could be something else. Mostly it happens when you are searching for movies, the title of the movie matches with your search result, but the movie can be in some other language or different format (CAM, HD, BRIP etc.). So, carefully read the complete torrent file name and then only download it.

2. Download Only Those Which Have High Number Of Seeders

A Seeder is someone who has a complete version of the file you want to download. If there are no seeders, you probably won’t be able to download the file. Means, lesser the Seeder, more time it will take to complete the downloading and Higher the number of Seeders, Quickly the download will be completed.

You can find the number of Seeders for each Torrent file in front of the file name. At some websites, you will find only S or SE at the column header, it means Seeders.

3. Always Read User Comments

This is the best thing if you follow and will always benefit you in order to get an authentic file. Once you find the file with high number of Seeders, then click the file name to open the page and find the user comments on it. Users are always right and you should trust them (most of the time)

4. Check The Images Of The Movie

If you are searching for a Movie, then after finding the Torrent file and reading the user comments, search for any links which can show you the snapshots of the Movie.

Download The File Using uTorrent Software

1. Once you find your Torrent file, click Download button to save the Torrent file in your computer. Torrent file is a very small file and doesn’t take any time for downloading. This Torrent file has some basic information including the details of the Tracker, who is keeping the records like who has downloaded or currently downloading the file (Read : What Is Torrent – Basic Guide to learn the basics related to Torrents).

2. Now open uTorrent software (which we installed in our computer), click File and then select Add Torrent.

3. Locate the downloaded Torrent file and then click Open.
4. It will take a few seconds break and will then show you the details of the Torrent file. From there you can then select where you want to save the file and can change its name (if you want).
5. Click OK and then the Downloading will begin immediately. (Check below picture for more detail)
6. During the downloading process, you can shutdown / restart your computer anytime without worrying about anything. Each time you turn on your computer and starts the uTorrent software, the downloading will begin automatically from the point where you left.

7. Once the downloading is finished (100% completed), you can then open the file where you have saved it locally in your computer.

Important Notes

1. When you are installing BitTorrent client software, carefully follow the steps or else you will install lot of other junks as well.

2. While you are downloading the files using BiTtorrent client software, you will find it difficult to browse on Internet or to watch videos on YouTube. Because these client software by default utilizes your full Internet speed (bandwidth) to download the files as quickly as possible. But you can make the changes in the software settings which we will see in the future article.
3. If you really have a good internet connection, then you can add and download 3 or 4 torrent files at a time. Otherwise I  will recommend to download one file at a time, because downloading more files at a time will effect the Internet speed.

4. If you continue to run BitTorrent client software after your download is completed, then other users (who are using BitTorrent client sotware) can download BitTorrent files / data from your computer (only those files which you have downloaded using BitTorrent software). By doing this your future download rate will improve because you are helping the BitTorrent community. So it means, if you share your downloads then you will be rewarded with a higher download speed and if you won’t , then your download speed will be slowed down.

5. Always run a virus scan on the downloaded files.

Last Words

These are the basic which you can follow in order to search for good Torrent files and to download them using any BitTorrent client software. There are many other things which are related to software settings and BitTorrent files which we will discuss in future article. At least now you can download whatever you want easily using BitTorrent client software.

Do you have any Interesting Tip which you want to share related to Torrents? Which Torrent websites you use to download Torrent files? Don’t forget to leave your Comments / Feedback below.

Check Gmail Mails Quickly On Slow Internet Connection

Not all of us have a super fast Internet connection and because of that if you want to check your Gmail emails, the Gmail page sometimes keeps reloading like it will never open the Inbox
Or while checking your Emails, sometimes you are presented with an error message
These messages will appear when you are trying to open Gmail with a slow Internet connection or if Gmail itself has some temporary problems. In that case, I found these two alternative methods quite useful in order to check Gmail mails quickly.

1. Basic HTML view
2. Mobile View

Basic HTML View

The best method to check your mails quickly on Gmail is by using Basic HTML view. This view doesn’t have the dynamic features but fulfills all of your requirement. It’s super fast and has all the necessary things in order to work on your emails.

To check your emails using basic HTML view, just save this link somewhere on your computer or bookmark it :

Mobile View

Another method to check your Gmail mails is by using the Mobile version of Gmail page. It’s the strip down version of Gmail, which shows you all of your emails in your Inbox in a very simple and neat view. Though you will find it little bit complicated, because you will not be able to view all of your folders and labels, but still you can read all of your emails and can also send.

To check your emails using Mobile view, just save this link somewhere on your computer or bookmark it :

Last Words

Many of us are dependent on our Emails and cannot tolerate any kind of delays. But their is always a time when the situation is not in our control. Basic HTML and Mobile views are quite useful in those situations especially when your Internet connection doesn’t respond you properly. At least using these views you can quickly check your new emails and respond to them on time.

Give it a try and then leave your comments / feedback below.

What Is Torrent – Beginners Guide

You would have heard a lot about Torrent, BitTorrent, Utorrent and most of you would be using it as well but never got a chance to understand it fully that what really Torrent is and How to use it efficiently. Everyone around us talking about it, using it, downloading tons of files, legal and illegal stuff but until you don’t understand this technology properly, you can’t utilize its features correctly. Most importantly, lack of knowledge can frustrates you because you would not be able to download anything completely or can cause your PC hell of problems as well because the downloaded files can contain viruses or malwares.

What Is Torrent?

Torrent is an extension of a file which you download from a website. It’s a text file containing information related to the data which you are trying to download. The information may contain file size, file name, comments, tracker, URL, and so on.

What Is BitTorrent and Utorrent?

Now here is a thing which confuses most of the people. First of all BitTorrent is a method (Protocol — a set of rules and description of how to do things) which you use to download files shared by other people using a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed file system. It basically defines how many computers can transmit chunks of data together in the most efficient way possible.
The software which you use to download files using this BitTorrent protocol is known as BitTorrent client and the Famous client softwares are BitTorrent and Utorrent.

Why To Download Anything Using BitTorrent Client Software

The classic (old) way to download anything from Internet is to search for a website on Internet where your software / movie / document is available and then click the Download button to begin the downloading process. Let’s say there are many other people like you who are also downloading the same file at the same time when you are downloading. In such situation what will happen is that your downloading process will become slow and there is a possibility that the website can get crash or if by any chance your PC gets hang or your internet connection get disconnected, then you have to re-download the whole file again.
The advantage of using a BitTorrent client software to download anything from Internet is that it doesn’t download your File from single source. Means whoever is downloading the file (including you) will become a source computer and will share that file automatically with those who are searching for that file. For example, if you are downloading a file using any BitTorrent client and your download is 25% completed and it’s still downloading, you will be sharing that 25% with other users on Internet who are using BitTorrent protocol.

Let’s Make It Simple – Step By Step

To make the things easy for you to understand, let’s assume that you are looking for a movie to download.
1. First you have to download a torrent file of that movie (which is a very very small file and doesn’t take any time for downloading).
2. This torrent file has some basic information including the details of that Main Computer on Internet who is keeping the records of that movie which you are trying to download.
Note: This main computer is known as Tracker, whoever is downloading the file is knows as Peer / leecher and who has a complete copy of that file is known as Seeder.
3. Now you have to open that torrent file in a client software (for example BitTorrent or Utorrent).
4. BitTorrent client software will look into the torrent file and then communicates with tracker to find other computers running BitTorrent client software that have the complete movie (seeders) and those with a portion of that movie (leechers).
Note: Actually all the computers who are running BitTorrent client software connects to a central “tracker,” which tells them the location of the other computers who are downloading that same file and where to get the pieces of the file each computer is looking for.
5. All the computers who have parts of that movie then start transferring data between each other, without ever directly involving the tracker and your computer also starts receiving multiple pieces of the movie file simultaneously.
6. Moreover, the downloading of file is not in any particular sequence. BitTorrent client software downloads the pieces of the file from different computers that could be the beginning, end, or middle part of the file.
7. During the downloading process, you can shutdown / restart your computer anytime without worrying about anything. Each time you turn on your computer and starts the BitTorrent client software, the downloading begins automatically from the point where you left.
8. And once the download is complete, then all of these chunks are combined together to make a single file.
9. Because of this thing, BitTorrent is so fast as compared to classic downloading method.
Note: If you continue to run the BitTorrent client software after your download is complete, then others can download BitTorrent files / data from your computer. By doing this your future download rate will improve because you are helping the BitTorrent community. The downloading speed is controlled by the BitTorrent tracking servers. So it means if you share your downloads then you will be rewarded with a higher download speed and if you won’t , then your download speed will be slowed down.

Terminologies You’ll Hear Often Related To BitTorrent – MUST KNOW

Client : A program used to load / open the .torrent file so that you can connect to other people

Indexer : Indexers are websites which list (index) .torrent files
Leecher : A leecher is someone who is downloading (and uploading) a file. You are a leecher if you do not have a complete copy of the file you’re trying to get.
Peer : A peer is the same as a leecher, but without the negative connotation.
Seeder : A seeder is someone who has a complete version of the file you are downloading. If there are no seeders, you probably won’t be able to download the file.
Swarm : The swarm are all seeds and peers that are connected together. So if your client shows 5 seeds and 10 peers then that’s your swarm.
Tracker : The tracker is a server that has all the info about the people that are downloading and uploading the file. The tracker itself does not have a copy of the file, it only tracks the uploaders and downloaders and makes sure people are able to connect to each other. A tracker is not the same as a website that hosts torrents.
Health : A torrent is kept healthy by people seeding as much as possible during their download and after it has completed. Lack of people sharing in this manner will cause a torrents health to lower, and possibly to die-out.
Ratio : The data you uploaded divided by the data you downloaded. Ratios above 1.00 means that you have uploaded the complete file, and more

Important Notes

We know that on Internet, there are people out there who aim to harm your computer by spreading malicious files.
  • Always read what you are downloading, and check the comments if possible.
  • Check the torrent name if it’s matching with the file you are downloading. If you are unsure, don’t download.
  • If you don’t trust the source of the file, then you should use caution when opening it.
  • Always run a virus scan on the downloaded files.
  • Because any files can be shared through BitTorrent, lot of adult content is available.

Last Words

You will find this information a bit geeky at some stage but i have tried my best to explain in as much easy way I can. These are the things which every computer user should understand in order to work efficiently and make his computer stable and secure from unwanted attacks. In the next post we will discuss how to use a BitTorrent client software and how to configure it.

Don’t forget to leave your comments at below page commenting section

Turn On Birthday Notifications In Facebook – Easy Reminders

Most of us have memory problems. We don’t remember birthdays  of our beloved one’s. And because of that, we often face embarrassing situations. To avoid that, take the help of Facebook where all of your friends and family members are part of your community and you can easily turn on birthday notifications via email which will really help you a lot.

How To Turn On Birthday Notifications In Facebook

1. First, login to your Facebook account

2. You can click this link to jump directly on the notification page or Click Accounts on the top right hand corner of the page and select Account Settings

3. Then click the Notifications tab

4. Now scroll down and under Facebook category, click the Box next to the ‘Has a birthday coming up (weekly email)’ option.

5. That’s it. Now You’ll get emails every weekend listing your friends’ upcoming birthdays for that week. VOILA!!!

Last Words:

Now you can easily remember birthday of your friends and family members because you will get advance notification from Facebook. If you know any other Facebook Tip, then do share it at below page commenting section.

How To Open International search Page – Not A Local Country Specific Page

Whenever we type, we are redirected to our country specific Google’s page i.e for Pakistan or for Kuwait etc.

For most of you, it doesn’t even matter which Google’s page is opening, but for some users (especially bloggers) they need to check their website rating at page and thinks like that. Never the less, if you are curious to open instead your local country specific Google’s page, then you can follow below tricks .

Trick No.1

Enter in address box and then hit Enter. It will open your country-specific Google’s home page. From their, you can click the Go to link, which is below the search box. It will open the standard page.

Trick No. 2

Type in the address box and hit Enter key. It will open Google’s International English version of page. Here ‘ncr‘ stands for ‘No Country Region‘.

Trick No. 3

Type  in address box and hit Enter key. it will open Google’s International English version of page.

Trick No. 4

Type  in address box and hit Enter key. It will open Google’s International English version of page. If you type intl/en in place of intl/en/, you will get a 404 error page.

Last Words:

These are nice tricks to open the Google’s international search page. If you know any other way to open it, then do share it at below page commenting section.

Download YouTube Videos without Installing Any Software via browser

People like me who likes to watch funny videos in spare time or some training videos at YouTube often face frustration to download these videos from YouTube. Although i like to install softwares but i hate to do that for each small thing. And i can expect the same thing from an average computer user as well. What if their is a method where you can download the videos from YouTube without installing any software. Its really super cool thing to do.

Yes it’s possible and for that all you need is a browser and an Internet Connection (ofcourse…it’s a dumb thing to even mention) Let me guide you in an easy way

Step by Step

1. Go to YouTube and open the video which you want to download in any browser (incase you are not able to download the video using this method, then i suggest you to follow the same steps while using Internet Explorer) 

2. Now in the address bar, just replace the with as shown in below pic and press Enter


3. After pressing Enter, voobys website will open and a java pop-up will comes up saying application’s digital signature cannot be verified. Just click the Run Button


4. After that, it will show you the different versions of the videos which you can download. At YouTube, the videos are available in different formats like 240p, 360p, 480p, 720P, 1020p HD. If the video at YouTube is available in different format, the voobys website will also show you multiple options as shown in below pic


5. The videos which are in 720p or 1020p HD format, will be downloaded in MP4 format whereas videos which are in lower formats like 240p, 360p or 480p these videos will be downloaded in flv format.

6. For all the videos at YouTube, the Voobys option of versioning is like this
Version 1 – 240p, Version 2 – 360P, Version 3 – 480p and Version 4 – 720 or 1020p HD

7. Just click the version which you want and the video will starts downloading.

Although their are many softwares which you can use to download the videos from YouTube but this is the best and the easiest method which you can use anywhere without installing anything

Last Words
Do you know any other way which is more easier than this then do post your suggestions and comments at below page

List of Companies Google Owns

We all know about Google or atleast we know that Google is a search engine website / company. But do we know how big this GOOGLE really is or how it became GOOGLE. Total number of companies which Google owns are more than 80 and most of the companies are based in the United States. At the beginning of this year, Google announced that it would getting back onto the buyers market and made their focus area for this year to Social and Mobile.  This year Google bought 26 companies and that doesn’t include the investments they made.
I discovered the list of companies which Google owns at and would like to share the same with you. Below chart Acquisitions date means the date of the agreement between Google and the other party. Business means the category which that company belongs to.

Please find below the complete list for your reference as follows:



Acquisition date




Used as / Integrated with


February 12, 2001

Deja Usenet


Google Groups


September 20, 2001

Outride Web search engine


Google Personalized Search (iGoogle)


February 2003

Pyra Labs Weblog software




April 2003

Neotonic Software Customer relationship management


Google Groups,Gmail


April 2003

Applied Semantics Online advertising




September 30, 2003

Kaltix Web search engine




October 2003

Sprinks Online advertising




October 2003

Genius Labs Blogging




May 10, 2004

Ignite Logic HTML editor


Google Sites


July 13, 2004

Picasa Image organizer


Picasa, Blogger


September 2004

ZipDash Traffic analysis


Google Maps for Mobile


October 2004

Where2 Map analysis


Google Maps


October 27, 2004

Keyhole, Inc Map analysis


Google Maps,Google Earth


March 28, 2005 Urchin Software Corporation Web analytics


Google Analytics


May 12, 2005

Dodgeball Social networking service


Google Latitude


July 2005

Reqwireless Mobile browser


Google Mobile


July 7, 2005

Current Communications Group Broadband internet access


Internet backbone


August 17, 2005

Android Mobile software




November 2005

Skia Graphics software


Android, Google Chrome


November 17, 2005

Akwan Information Technologies Search Engines


Internet backbone


December 20, 2005

AOLB Broadband internet access



December 27, 2005

Phatbits Widget engine


Google Desktop


December 31, 2005

allPAY GmbH Mobile software


Google Mobile


December 31, 2005

bruNET GmbH Mobile software


Google Mobile


January 17, 2006

dMarc Broadcasting Advertising




February 14, 2006

Measure Map Weblog software


Google Analytics


March 9, 2006

Upstartle Word processor


Google Documents


March 14, 2006

@Last Software 3D modeling software


Google Sketchup


April 9, 2006

Orion Web search engine


Google Search


June 1, 2006

2Web Technologies Online spreadsheets


Google Spreadsheet


August 15, 2006

Neven Vision Germany GmbH Computer vision (Face detection, Face recognition)


Picasa & Google Goggles


October 9, 2006

YouTube Video sharing




October 31, 2006

JotSpot Web application


Google Sites


December 18, 2006

Endoxon Mapping


Google Maps


January 4, 2007

XunleiC File sharing



February 16, 2007

Adscape In-game advertising




March 16, 2007

Trendalyzer Statistical software


Google Analytics


April 17, 2007

Tonic Systems Presentation program


Google Docs


April 19, 2007

Marratech Videoconferencing


Google Talk


April 13, 2007

DoubleClick Online advertising




May 11, 2007

GreenBorder Computer security


Google Chrome


June 1, 2007

Panoramio Photo sharing




June 3, 2007

FeedBurner Web feed




June 5, 2007

PeakStream Parallel processing


Server (computing)


June 19, 2007

Zenter Presentation program


Google Docs


July 2, 2007

GrandCentral Voice over Internet Protocol


Google Voice


July 20, 2007

Image America Aerial photography


Google Maps


July 9, 2007

Postini Communications security




September 27, 2007

Zingku Social network service


Google Mobile


October 9, 2007

Jaiku Micro-blogging


Google Mobile


July 30, 2008

Omnisio Online video




September 12, 2008

TNC (Tatter and Company) Weblog software




August 5, 2009

On2 Video compression


WebM & YouTube


September 16, 2009

reCAPTCHA Security



November 9, 2009

AdMob Mobile advertising



November 9, 2009

Gizmo5 VoIP


Google Voice


November 23, 2009

Teracent Online Advertising




December 4, 2009

AppJet(EtherPad) Collaborative real-time editor


Google Wave,Google Docs


February 12, 2010

Aardvark Social Search




February 17, 2010

reMail Email Search




March 1, 2010

Picnik Photo Editing




March 5, 2010

DocVerse Microsoft Office files sharing site


Google Docs


April 2, 2010

Episodic Online video platformstart-up




April 12, 2010

PlinkArt Visual Search EngineMobile start-up


Google Goggles


April 20, 2010

Agnilux Server technology start-up



April 27, 2010

LabPixies Gadgets



April 30, 2010

Bump Technologies Desktop environment


Google Android


May 20, 2010

Simplify Media Music syncing




May 21, 2010 Travel




June 3, 2010

Invite Media Advertising




July 1, 2010

ITA Software Travel technology



July 16, 2010

Metaweb Semantic Search



August 4, 2010

Instantiations Java/Eclipse/AJAX Developer Tools


Google Web Toolkit


August 5, 2010 Social gaming



August 10, 2010

Jambool Social Gold payment



August 15, 2010 Visual Search Engine



August 30, 2010

Angstro Social networking service



August 30, 2010

SocialDeck, Inc. Social gaming



September 13, 2010

Quiksee Online video


Google Maps


September 28, 2010

Plannr Schedule Management



October 1, 2010

BlindType Touch Typing




December 3, 2010

Phonetic Arts Speech synthesis


Google Voice,Google Translate


December 3, 2010

Widevine Tecnologies DRM


Google TV


Source Ref: Wikipedia