In an office, if I am working on a document, in the background my browser would be open, messengers would be connected, Ms-Outlook (for emails) is continuously active and many other social networking websites will be open as well in different browsers. It's kind of a habit of everyone to work like this now a days. Even at home, you simultaneously work on different applications / softwares and browse different websites at a time. In order to switch between multiple open software and documents, the normal practice is to use Mouse. But there is another method which you can use to quickly switch between multiple open applications easily with the help of the Keyboard Shortcut.

Quickly Switch Between Any 2 Open Programs / Documents

The quickest and oldest way to switch between any 2 open programs is by pressing the ALT + Tab key. With the help of this keyboard shortcut, you can quickly switch between any 2 open applications in Windows. This Keyboard Shortcut is extremely useful when you are working on 2 documents and you want to quickly switch between them. (Pic Ref : GCF
Most of us are using Windows operating system for a long time, still every now and then we get to know something which we would have never heard about it. Likewise, one of the least known but very significant feature of Windows is the Magnifier Application.

We love playing with our operating system by changing the wallpaper, themes, changing its different settings, size of icons and stuff like that. There are tons of articles on the Internet related to Windows customization which you can read and implement it on your PC, but I recommend Windows Vista and Windows 7 users -- Ultimate Windows Tweaker, which is a freeware and portable Windows tweaking utility.

According to The Windows Club
Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a freeware TweakUI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows 7 & Windows Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit. It can simply be downloaded and used as a portable application to customize your Windows to meet your requirements. With judicious tweaking, it can make your system faster, more stable, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks.
Ultimate Windows Tweaker has tons and tons of options which you can use to customize the complete operating system. All what you have to do is simply enable the options by clicking it and you are done. For me, it's very difficult to explain each and every option / setting over here, that's why I will simply show you the overview of it, the rest is very simple and I hope you can do it on your own.
Gmail is a fantastic web email service and I highly recommend everyone to shift yourself to this service ASAP, not because I am saying that, but because of the things already discussed before. In Gmail, you can also monitor your account activity easily (just like Yahoo), which can help you to avoid hacking, but not many of you are aware of it or don't know how to fully utilize it. That's why I thought to explain you all in more detail about the Gmail Last Account Activity.

What's Gmail Last Account Activity?

Google has added an option in Gmail, which you can use to monitor your email account activity only.
We discussed previously about the common problems which every user faces when it opens many tabs in a browser. Sometimes it's difficult to limit yourself with only 9 tabs at a time, especially when you are searching for something on the Internet. The worst thing is the fact that each open tab in any web browser consumes some amount of your PC's RAM. Means, the more the Tabs open, you will feel more PC Slowness, Lagging, Hanging and Browser Crashing issues. Especially when you leave multiple Tabs open for a long time in the browser, then you will face more of these PC problems. As time goes by, it will make almost impossible for you to work on it and you are then forced to Restart your computer.

We all love to receive emails from our friends, family or colleagues. It's the fastest way to share anything with anyone (well now we have Whatsapp and other tons of Mobile apps, but I am not counting those right now :p). Gmail, Yahoo and are the most popular web email services which people use the most, but I recommend everyone to switch to Gmail for obvious reasons. Since Gmail has the major share of users who uses its Email service, all the other web email providers are trying their best to beat Gmail.

In order to compete Gmail, Yahoo and is providing unlimited storage space for Emails, while Gmail still has a 15GB of limit (that's including Google Docs and Pictures). Although it looks enough for normal email correspondences, but the problem occurs when people start sharing videos, lots of pictures, big attachments via emails. There is no problem in doing that, but such emails should be deleted immediately after viewing its contents including attachments or else it will occupy unnecessary space in your Inbox.

(Pic Ref : EmailTray)
To most of us, the Internet is an open world which you can use without any restrictions. But people at the offices have to follow Corporate policy or in certain parts of the world have restrictions from the Government to browse / open some websites or such websites which fall into certain categories. For e.g. YouTube is blocked in Pakistan, that's why people cannot open this particular website directly. Since I am in Kuwait, I cannot open any Adult website (at least most of them) because any website which fall into Adult category is blocked by the Government. There are many other websites which are specifically made for the people who live in US for e.g. Hulu, Netflix etc.
There are many ways to access the blocked websites, one of the excellent method is with the help of Spotflux which is a fantastic software. But if all you need is to access some Streaming Websites like Hulu, Netflix etc. because you live outside USA or want to open Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. because it's blocked in your Company, than Hola Unblocker is a perfect choice.