We being human are bad in keeping the important information safe for longer period (atleast I am :p). I often get asked from people that they want to re-install Windows on their PC, but they don’t have the serial key or they have lost it or the sticker which was placed on the computer is misplaced. Since the license is required during the installation of Windows or else after 30 days of Installation it will make your life miserable by showing you unwanted notifications and all.
 Anyhow, incase you loose your Windows or Ms-office serial key, you are not left with many options. The easiest way which I recently discovered is with the help of a software name The Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder. Using the free version of this software, you can recover almost 300+ software keys from your PC including Windows (almost all the versions) and Ms-office as well.

Note: This software is not a serial key generator, it only helps you to recover the keys from your hard disk which you previously used in order to activate the software.

What If The Hard Disk Stops Responding Before Using KeyFinder Software

This utility is especially useful in the event of a hard disk failure. Let’s say everything was working fine, but one day you find out that you are not able to login to your Windows or your Windows is simply not booting. And guess what, you don’t even have a license key with you. In such case, simply take out the hard disk from the PC, plug it in the other PC as a secondary device and then follow the steps as explained at the end of this article. You can still recover the license key of your Windows, Ms-Office and any other software which the KeyFinder free version supports.

Things To Be Aware Of

The only downside of this software is, that it installs a browser add-on, it changes your browser’s home page, changes the default search engine as well. I wonder why such a good utility will do such thing and I literary hate when a software do such fishy things in a PC. Since it’s really a worthy software, that’s why I recommend to use this utility only when it’s required (incase you need a serial key of your installed Windows or Ms-Office). Once the installation is complete, just manually remove all the junk which this software has installed and re-do the changes which it made in the browser as well.

Note: Though it says during installation that it will install some junk things in a PC, but according to my experience it didn’t do anything on my PC atleast.

How To Search For Windows, Ms-Office And Other Software Licenses

1. Click Here to visit the download page of Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder.

2. Click the Download link as shown in the picture.

3. It’s a very small software (1.3MB in size) and will take only 1 or 2 minutes for downloading.

4. Once downloaded, double click the downloaded file in order to run the installation.

5. Click Next on the screen to proceed with the installation.

6. Accept the agreement and then click Next.

7. Select the location where you want to save it, then click Next.

8. Don't click any option on the next screen and click Next.

9. As already told above, this freeware version installs some add-ons in your web browser and also change few settings of it. Click Next.

10. Click Install to begin Installation.

11. It will take less than a minute for installation. Once finished, click Finish button.

Note: You will notice that a software name Linkey is trying to install itself. If it successfully get installed, then you can un-install it later from the Control Panel – Programs and Features (in Win 7).

12. After clicking Finish, if the KeyFinder doesn’t start by itself, then you can open it from the Start Menu as well.

13. As soon it opens, you will see the name of your Windows and other softwares on the left side, and the information related to them on the right side.

Incase Of Hard Disk Failure – Not Able To Boot Into Windows

If your old hard disk is malfunctioned and you cannot open the Windows operating system in it, then just plug this old hard disk into a working PC as a secondary hard disk, install the KeyFinder software, click Tools and select Load Hive option.

Now select the partition drive of 2nd hard disk and within a minute or two it will show you the serial keys of your Windows and other softwares.

Last Thoughts

It’s an excellent little utility which you should keep it in your PC and use it incase it’s required (before it's too late). Give it a try and then share your comments and suggestions below.

To Download The Software : The Magical Jelly Bean - KeyFinder

I remember back in old days (90s and 20s), we use MIRC in order to make friends on Internet and to chat with strangers. In the same era MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM and many other chat messengers were rocking and people were literary hooked up. I use to share my messenger’s friend list with my best friends, in order to check it out that the person on the other end is a male or female (Crazy things were happening in the old days).

After the launch of iPhone and especially Android phones, things have changed a lot. People are more using mobile apps in order to chat with people, than old PC messengers. The only famous messenger which still exists and is in great use on PC as well as on Mobile is SKYPE, but this is also because Microsoft bought it, clubbed its msn messenger service with it and it has some extra things which we will talk about later.
How Mobile Texting Apps Works

When it comes to chatting, the concept of having an Online ID doesn’t exist anymore, or should I say that it’s not in demand anymore, because a Mobile number is what everyone is interested in now. Instead of sharing the online IDs of strangers, now people share the mobile numbers of other boys/girls with their friends, so they can also chat with them on the Mobile apps. Once you install a texting app, it will check who is using the same mobile app from your contacts list and will then add those people who are using the app automatically in your friends list.

There are some apps which don't require any mobile number at all, instead it just asks you to create a login on the app and then the app suggests you people based on your desires (like age, gender, location etc.). Since things have changed a lot, that’s why the Chatting and Instant Messaging terminology has been replaced with Texting. Now people use mobile apps to text their loved ones / strangers, share videos, audios, pictures, locations etc. But to do that, you ofcourse need an active internet connection either via Wi-Fi or a Mobile network (2g, 3g or 4g).

Mobile Texting Apps In Every Mobile

There are tons of mobile apps on iPhone and Android which you can use to talk to your friends or strangers.  The selection of an app depends on your liking, purpose, and ofcourse the person to whom you want to talk to, should have the same app installed in his/her mobile as well. It’s not necessary to use only 1 app to talk to anyone, but it depends how and why you want to communicate. For example there are certain apps which you can use to share 7 seconds of video only, there are apps which you can use to chat with group of people by sharing pictures only. Well there are also apps which you can use to do all the things like voice calls, video calls, texting, share pictures etc. So it all depends on your personal preferences and the purpose behind it.

Are These Apps Only For Teenage Boys / Girls

Many people have a misconception that these texting apps are only for teenage boys or girls. These apps have nothing to do with age at all, so wonder why anyone can even think like that. There are tons of usages of such texting apps, and you should think out of the box to make it useful for you. It depends on a person how he wants to use it. It’s like saying that Internet is full of x-rated websites, no one will deny that but it depends how you uses it and for what purpose.

Drawbacks Of Mobile Texting Apps


I know many people who simply keep themselves away from all of these texting apps. To some extent, I do understand the reasons behind it, which are as follows:

1. Unnecessary messages from all the people in the mobile contacts.
2. Once you install a texting app, all the other people from your contacts expect you to be available all the time and reply them.
3. The beep sound of continuous text messages can irritate anyone.
4. People want some privacy and these texting apps are best at destroying it.
5. Day and Night if people send jokes and useless messages to you, it can really frustrate anyone.
6. It's an addiction and consumes lot of time.

Last Thoughts

There are ways to overcome these drawbacks and use a texting app to make it useful for you.  As already said above that there are tons of apps which you can select from in order to talk to your loved ones (or strangers), but certainly there are some apps which are highly recognized and millions of users are using it for some reason. Which apps are those and which is the best will be discussed in the future posts.

Please share how you talk to your loved ones (or even with strangers) and which app you think is the best. Don’t forget to leave your Comments / Suggestions at the below post commenting section.

We all are familiar with the world famous mobile apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, DrawSomething game, FlappyBird game, Minecraft game, Snapchat and KakaoTalk. But what do we know about those people who really created such apps. IrishApps.org has created a fantastic Inforgraphic which give us the information about the creators of all these apps and few things about their personal life as well. Check this out and then leave your comments about this infographic at below page commenting section.

We all love our computers and we love to do lots of Internet browsing on it. But don’t forget, every love story has a villain in it, and this one is full of enemies and we name them as VIRUSES.

I have been using computers for almost last 20 years and have a professional experience of 11 years, but believe it or not, the most difficult part of my work experience is to explain anyone about the importance of computer security. I just don't get it why people take it so lightly and don't pay attention to it. And the best part which I love the most is, when they will call or ask me silly questions like "I Wonder Why My PC Is So Slow or I Am Not Able To Browse Internet At All, Please HELP".

Typical Problem

Recently, one of my office colleagues brought his personal laptop and asked me to check why the hell this laptop is so slow and the internet is not working at all on it. Since he bought his laptop only 2 months back, I was a bit surprised with this kind of reaction. But in my heart, I knew it that it would be the same issue which every single person have in this world. After checking out his laptop for few minutes, I told him that your Antivirus program was on a trial period of 30 days and is not working for last 30 days. Secondly, I told him that your Internet browser is full of add-ons, search bars etc, that's why you are having trouble in browsing Internet as well.

Excuses For Not Installing The Security Tools or Because Of Lack Of Knowledge

This above example is a typical problem which I see with every second person. After years of experience I realized that what the root cause of such thing is, it’s the following excuses which you all give when it comes to security.

  • * Why Do I Need An Antivirus Program
  • * I Don't Download Anything In My Pc
  • * I Rarely Use Internet On It
  • * I Only Check Emails
  • * I Don't Open Useless or Unknown Websites
  • * There Is Nothing On My PC Which A Hacker Needs.
  • * Antivirus Software Makes My PC Slow

Whenever I tell people to install good Antivirus software and other security tools in their PCs, these are the typical responses from most of the people which I get it. In the beginning whenever I hear such things from anyone, I simply stare at their faces for a minute or two in a state of shock, but later on I got use to it.

An Internet Connection Is An Open Invitation to All the Bad Guys On Internet

One thing which you all should understand, at least now, that once you are connected to Internet, you are entering to a NO GO Zone. Doesn't matter what you do on Internet, threat is always there. Infact, as soon you open your browser, all the viruses, malwares, trojans, key trackers etc are after you. 

 (Pic Ref : The Economist)

You will often hear news that a website got hacked by the hackers and all the visitors of that website are vulnerable to that virus. Bad people on Internet are smart now days and they know their ways to harm normal people like you. Once a website becomes vulnerable, hackers install malicious scripts on the websites which runs in the background and as soon you open that website, the scripts quietly runs in the background which either try to download something secretly in your browser or simply track your activity.

Only Antivirus Software Is Not Enough To Protect Your PC From Internet Attacks

Well here is another truth of life for you, having a good Antivirus software installed in your PC is not enough in order to protect you from all the attacks of the Internet. You need other tools as well like Antispyware, Firewall, Malware / Trojan softwares, Web Scanning etc. Buying a Laptop / PC is one thing and to keep yourself protected is another. You need to learn all the techniques in order to keep your data and yourself secured from the Bad guys on Internet.

It's Not Necessary To Use Paid Softwares

I don't want to go into debate, but according to my experience and what I suggest to everyone, you can make yourself secured with the help of free versions of the softwares. Although paid softwares do have an extra edge, but with the help of free softwares also you can make sure that you are in good hands. It's a misconception that there are only paid softwares on Internet which can protect us, it's not true.

It's Difficult To Learn All About Security Tools

Now this is one thing which I advise to all the people who use Internet, please spend some time to learn about the things which keeps you safe on Internet. Lack of knowledge can cause you lot of unknown problems and later can make your life miserable. So it's a high time to learn about these security tools and use them intelligently. And guess what, most of these tools doesn't even require 24x7 your attention. You simply have to install and run them once in a week at least, to make sure that everything is ok. Rest these tools will do their job on their own.

Last Thoughts

As I already said above, having a Laptop is one thing and using it is another. You may think that there is nothing on your PC which a hacker needs, that's why it's better not to waste time on installing the security products on it. But believe it or not, hackers are not after your money only, a simple email address and its details can do wonders for them. They just need a reason to get into anyone's PC and rest they make sure that you play along with it unknowingly. So it’s better not to act as dumb person and make yourself protected against all kind of malicious attacks.

In the next post we will talk about the tools which you should use in order to safeguard your PC and I will guide you step by step, so that you can learn about these tools easily. Please do leave your comments and suggestions at below box commenting section.

If you use Internet a lot, then you would have heard or read Cloud or Internet Cloud repeatedly everywhere. It's quite a difficult thing to explain, because so many things are related to it and there are many other things which work together to make it work. So besides making it a more complex thing for you all, let me try my level best to explain it in my way.
First let me tell you that, each and every person who has used Internet for even once, have got the experience of the CLOUD. Because Internet itself is a CLOUD. To make it simple, anything which doesn't reside in your computer and you try to access it over Internet is basically on a CLOUD. Still confused? Don’t be... let me give you few examples of it.

Note: I don't want to explain the things by definition, that's why I don't want to make this article more complex with the addition of such terms like cloud computing, cloud services, interconnected networks etc. So, if any of you have an objection that Internet is not a cloud, than by definition and in reality yes you are right, but in order to explain the things in simple way to the normal users (not the geeks), then you have to consider it as a cloud only in order to understand the logic behind it.

Emails: When you are checking your emails on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc., all those emails are actually on a CLOUD (for you at least)

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc: All the social platforms which we use on daily basis either using our laptops or mobiles are on Cloud

File Sharing Services: Dropbox, Google Drive, and all the other file sharing services which we use to share files with our friends are on CLOUD

Well you will say then what the difference between an Internet and a Cloud is? My answer would be NOTHING. That's why I said before, Internet itself is actually a CLOUD. Cloud is a virtual space for all of us which we use to access public information, share private data, play games, get social, check emails and etc. This means, if anyone say to you that please save these files anywhere on cloud or stream the video on cloud, it means that the person is asking you to do that particular work on Internet using any particular web service. (don't get confused with these terms, please read ahead)

(Pic Ref: CloudTweaks)

I hope you would be having a basic idea of Cloud by now. Let’s move 1 step further, think of any software which you installed in your computer to perform a specific task. That software is locally installed in your computer and cannot be accessed by anyone outside. If the company of that same software makes software which you can use it on Internet without actually installing anything on your computer, then that's called Cloud Base Software or a Web App. For example, there are many websites where you can upload your pictures and can edit it on internet, you can also work on office documents (word, excel etc.) online without actually installing any software in your computer

Let’s Make Things Little Bit More Complicated (Please Read It Very Carefully And Slowly)

Anything which exists on Internet is actually on cloud, that's what we have learnt, but in reality, that thing (which you use on Internet) exists on a computer server somewhere in the world. This means, whatever you do on Internet, is actually a front face of a software only, the real information exist somewhere else on a physical computer. Confused? Let me explain you with the examples of Internet's 2 biggest giant.

Idea Of Google Search On Cloud

All of us use Google Search almost every day. What Google company did, they made a public page (name as Google Search Page www.google.com) on Internet. Now when you visit Google search website and try to do any search, that Google page send the request of yours to the Google Servers (those super powerful Google computers which have some complex softwares installed in it in order to resolve your query). The Google servers search the Internet for the relevant information and then show you the multiple links of different websites which contain information related to your search query. All this super fast searching runs on the Google servers (not on Internet) and you don't even notice anything, because that's none of your concern. You just need the information and Google gives you that information by searching it on the Internet Cloud for you.

Facebook On Cloud

When you are using Facebook, for you it's on Internet Cloud, but in real, the whole Facebook application is actually installed on different Facebook servers somewhere in the world. The Internet Facebook page is made in a way which looks easy to use. Whatever you do on Facebook, it sends that information in the background to the Facebook servers, where all this information is handled in a very complex way (and you don't even notice anything). If by chance anything happens to those Facebook servers, then you will see a notice like Facebook is under maintenance or is down because of some reasons etc (since there are thousands of servers running all around the world, that's why it's very rare to see this thing now)

Final Thoughts

Once you understand the logic of Internet Cloud, it will make your life much easy to take the advantages of those services which are running on the Internet. These things are made to make our life simple and protected. In future we will learn about many Cloud Services which you can use on daily basis for routine work.

Don't forget to leave your comments  and suggestions below. 

Anything when it becomes very common, you will see people complaining about it because they will find many problems related to it (isn't it obvious). The same thing happened with the USBs / Flash drives as well. Now days, every second person carrying a USB in his pocket or attached to his keychain.

Although it's a good thing, but due to lack of knowledge or bad practices, people are finding it difficult to handle their data in USBs / Flash Drives. The most common problems and situations each person go through due to USBs / Flash drives are as follows.
In an office, if I am working on a document, in the background my browser would be open, messengers would be connected, Ms-Outlook (for emails) is continuously active and many other social networking websites will be open as well in different browsers. It's kind of a habit of everyone to work like this now a days. Even at home, you simultaneously work on different applications / softwares and browse different websites at a time. In order to switch between multiple open software and documents, the normal practice is to use Mouse. But there is another method which you can use to quickly switch between multiple open applications easily with the help of the Keyboard Shortcut.

Quickly Switch Between Any 2 Open Programs / Documents

The quickest and oldest way to switch between any 2 open programs is by pressing the ALT + Tab key. With the help of this keyboard shortcut, you can quickly switch between any 2 open applications in Windows. This Keyboard Shortcut is extremely useful when you are working on 2 documents and you want to quickly switch between them. (Pic Ref : GCF Learnfree.org)