People complaining about slowness of Windows is kinda normal thing now, but what we all don’t understand is the reason behind it. Most of the time in such situation, we blame viruses for it, but it’s not always because of them Windows perform slow. There can be various reasons behind this thing, and one of the core reasons can be lack of hard disk space.

Why Low Hard Disk Space Can Cause Problems In Windows

Every software installed in Windows, consumes some amount of space when you open it. By space I mean, it generates temporary files and some other system files which help them to run properly. In order to create such files, they need space in hard disk. If the hard disk doesn’t have enough space for such files, then these softwares will perform slow, often hangs and can cause system freeze as well.

It has a simple logic behind it and that’s what we all have to be aware of. There is nothing geeky about this thing which makes it difficult for you to understand it. Now the next step is to know how to avoid low hard disk space.

Things To Take Care of

There are three things which I recommend in order to avoid slowness because of low disk space.

1. Make sure each partition in your Hard disk have atleast 1GB of free space all the time (to be on the safe side, I recommend to have atleast 3GB of free space). Especially the partition where you have installed Windows in it (most of the time it’s C drive) should have 3 GB of free space all the time (this is my recommendation only). The partition where Windows is installed needs more space because, Windows system files grow fast as time passes by and for that it needs plenty of space.

2. Unknowingly most of us save all of our music, videos, pictures, docs etc in C drive only. This practice should not be followed and try to avoid saving anything in C drive atleast (or in the drive where Windows is installed), so that you won’t face problem of low hard disk space especially in the partition where already Windows operating system is installed.

3. Most of us also install each and every software in the system partition (C drive) only. Following such practice makes the System Partition (C drive) very critical and that’s why it often face low disk space problem. From now on, try to install the softwares in the other partitions (other than the system partition), because as already said above, these softwares also generates temporary files which consumes space in hard disk.

Last Thoughts

Although this looks like a small thing to troubleshoot, but believe me, I have seen many people facing this problem and they just wonder how to solve this issue once and for all. Don’t take temporary decisions by moving some of the files from here and there in order to create space in Hard disk. Create a plan in order to solve such problem and then stick to it.

How do you treat this problem? Do you have any other suggestions to recommend? Please leave your comments / feedback below.
If you are using Windows operating system for some time, then you know what Drivers are. In simple words, you need software for the hardware (I/O device) installed in a PC / Laptop, or else that hardware will not work properly or will not support Windows. That software is typically known as a Driver. But the problem is, not every one of us are aware of the things which our PC / Laptop is equipped with. 

Even if you are using a branded PC like Dell, HP etc, you would know basic info about it, like hard disk and RAM size. You need to know much more info incase you need a driver for a particular hardware installed in your PC because you just reinstalled Windows or if you want to upgrade a hardware in your Laptop. 

Check Hardware Details Using Windows Utility

If you need to know more about your PC's hardware, then you can use System Information utility in Windows. Open Start Menu in Win 7 and type System Information. When the name appears, click it.

Within seconds it will show you general info related to your PC's hardware.
System Information utility is a very simple and clean utility which you can use to see basic information related to your PC's hardware.  

Check Hardware Details Using Third Party Software

If you find System Information utility interface quite boring, then there is another excellent utility from Piriform - Speccy, which anyone can use to know little bit more about the hardware installed in their PCs.

1. Click here to visit the download page and then click the Piriform link to download Speccy.

Note: You can also use other alternate links to download the software, but I recommend using Piriform link.

2. When the download is finish (file size is approx 5MB only), double click the file and run the Installation.

3. Since it doesn’t install anything else beside the software itself, that's why there is nothing to worry about during installation. Just click Next, Next, Finish and you are done.

4. Once the installation is complete, Speccy will start by itself. If it doesn’t, then open it from Start Menu.

5. It will take few seconds to diagnose your PC. Once completed, it will show you the info related to the hardware installed.

6. Clicking the categories on the left side, will display the details related to that particular hardware on the right side.

Last Thoughts

Both of the methods will help you to learn little bit more about the hardware installed in your PCs. With the help of such info, you can keep the record of it and can use it incase you need a driver for any hardware or want to upgrade it.

What's your first impression about these utilities? Do you know any other method? Please leave your comments / feedback below.

Doesn’t matter how good you are in computers and how much things you can perform on it without the need of help from anyone, but there is always a time when you are stuck with the slowness of PC, hanging issues, cannot browse the Internet properly etc. Most of these problems occur because of Junk Files ( Temporary / Cache files, Internet Cookies, Software Leftover files etc) and there are different ways to handle such things. Different people use different methods in order to resolve such problems, but there is always a simple and easy way available to deal with these things.

(Pic Ref: Piriform)

My all time favorite software which I recommend to everyone and have been using it for like 3 years is CCleaner. Because of its easiness, simplicity and brilliant results, I just can’t think anyone not having it installed in their PC. It’s a must have utility, which does its job perfectly without you having any technical knowledge. It’s as simple as that.

I wrote an article about it almost 2 years back, explaining how you can install and use it. But recently I found few changes in the new version of CCleaner, that’s why I thought to explain it again with the new changes and also remind you all to install it in your PCs (if you are not using it). So without acting like its sponsor or a marketing manager, lets begin the real talk.

Note: CCleaner has many other options which are you can use to optimize Windows performance quickly. Those things are not part of this post and will be discussed in the future articles.

How To Remove All The Junk Files

1. Click here to visit the download page and then click the Piriform link to download CCleaner. 

Note: You can also use other alternate links to download the software, but I recommend using Piriform link.

2. When the download is finish (file size is only 5MB), double click the file and run the Installation.

3. Since it doesn’t install anything else beside the software itself, that's why there is nothing to worry about. Just click Next, Next, Finish and you are done.

4. Once the installation is complete, CCleaner software will start by itself. If it doesn’t, then open it from Start Menu.

5. As you can see in above picture, CCleaner has four sections:
a. Cleaner
b. Registry
c. Tools
d. Options

Note: In this article, we will discuss only about cleaning of junk files.

6. If you are running any kind of system cleaner software for the very first time on your PC, you will be really surprised to see how much junk data really was lying in your Windows for so much time. This software will surely amaze you with its all features at no cost.

Note: Before running CCleaner, it’s recommended to close all your browsers and any other software as well, so that it can remove all the junk files from your PC properly.

7. The default settings are best for almost every PC user, but I recommend selecting few more options before we begin.

Note: Below are the things which I recommend to select before running the cleanup. But if you don't want to mess up with the settings of CCleaner, then just leave the default selections as it is and skip to point number 10.

8. In the Windows tab, tick all the options as shown in the below picture.

Note: In the Windows section, down below you can see many other Advance options as well, which I have not selected at all. Those items will be explained later in the future articles. 

9. Now click the Applications tab and select all the options as shown below.

Note:  If you have multiple browsers installed (e.g  firefox, chrome etc), then there name will appear in this section. It will also show you the names of those softwares which create temp files.

10. Once you are done with these settings, click the Analyze button to see how much Junk files exists in your PC.

Note: If any of your browser is already open, it may ask you to close the browser in order to clear the temporary files. 

11. Depending on the data in your hard disk, it will take some time to analyze the files. Once it’s completed, it will show you all the details of the junk files which CCleaner has detected as shown below.

12. It will also show you the time it took to check the junk files and also the total size of it.

13. Without checking out what it has detected, just click the Run Cleaner button.

14. It may show you a dialogue box saying that “This process will permanently delete files from your system – Are you sure you wish to proceed”. It is a warning message that these junk files will be removed from your PC permanently. Just click OK and you are done.

15. CCleaner will always runs in the background whenever you turn your PC on and will monitor your PC for junk files.

16. Once it finds that the number of junk files has been increased, it may show you a pop-up message indicating the size of junk files and will ask you to run CCleaner software immediately to clean such stuff.

Note: It's quite a useful thing to have it, since most of us don't remember to run such utilities on weekly bases.

Last Thoughts

By following above steps, you have successfully cleared all the Junk files from your PC. CCleaner is as simple as explained above. It’s a best free software to use for basic windows optimization and a must have utility for every computer user. It cleans all the junks files without much effort and also provides you some other tools which we will discuss in the future posts.

Did you try this software? Was it Useful? Do you have any other software to recommend? Leave your comments / feedback below.

Did you ever wish to send an email to someone you know personally, from someone else's email ID, with the intention to prank or to be EVIL. Well guess what, I recently discovered a web service from where you can send emails to anyone with any email ID you want. You can send emails using your Boss Email ID to your co-workers, from your friends email ID to any other friend’s girlfriend etc. That sounds EVILISH isn't it, lolz.
There are tons of websites which offers their service to send anonymous emails to anyone, but there are quite few which also allows you to use someone else's email ID to send the emails from. The website which I found easy, simple and authentic is anonymousemail. Using this website, you can send emails to anyone with any email ID without any trouble. Not only that, it also allows you to attach files as well (if you want to).

Once an email is sent, the receiver will not be able to recognize it as a fake one, because he will only see the authentic email address of the person which you have used to send the email from. But if the person is smart enough or have some info about internet world, then he can check it out whether the email is genuine or not from the message header. But as I said, for a normal guy, it’s almost impossible to identify the fakeness of an email.

Important Note

1. Please do not use this web service for any Illegal purpose, harassment, threats or spam.
2. If the receiver replies to the email, it will neither come to you, nor the actual person whose email address you have used.
3. Don't put any email address in the Reply To box, because if the receiver tries to reply to your email, then he can discover that it was a fake email.
4. Nothing is untraceable, so don't do anything illegal.

How To Send Email With Fake Email Address To Anyone

Click Here to open the anonymousemail website.

I don’t think there is much explanation required to guide you through each step. It’s a pretty simple website, just fill the boxes with the required details, click I’m not a robot checkbox, wait for few seconds, and once the green tick mark appears then click the Send button. If you want to attach a file with the email, then click the Choose file button.

Once it's sent, you can see how receiver will see that email (in below pic). At the To section, it's exactly the same email address which I used to send the email, and there is no way you can consider it as a spam email (ofcourse this is just an example email, if you have used your Boss email ID, then it's hard to identify it as a fake one).

Even if I try to reply the email, you can see the email address remains unchanged and it looks pretty genuine.

Note: As already said above, if I reply to this email, it will not be forwarded to anyone, because it was just a fake email address. Though you will say that you have used a genuine email address, but in actual, behind that genuine email address (which you used) the real identity is hidden in the message header, from where any person who has some info about how to identify spam emails can easily make out.

There is also an advance mode, where you can play with some advance settings of it, but I don't recommend anyone to use until unless you know what you are doing.

Last Thoughts

Anonymousemail is an excellent mail service for various purposes, but let me remind you once again, don't use it for any illegal activity or else you will find yourself in a big trouble. There is always a limit in Fun, don't ever cross it.

Give it a try to this web service and then share your comments / suggestions below.

Problem with most of the PC users is that, they don’t think much before and at the time of installation of a software in their PCs. Most of us blindly click Next, Next and Finish button when we are installing anything. This practice installs crapware in our PCs secretly and later trouble our Internet browsing and also makes our PCs slow. A simple mistake can make your browser looks like a house of Toolbars (as shown below)

We all need Antivirus, some utilities and security tools in our PCs, to keep our Windows safe from unwanted things. One of the best utility which falls into such category is AdwCleaner, which you can use to remove ads softwares, Potentially Undesirable Program, Toolbars and Hijack of the browser's homepage. It will check for the clutter inside all the unwanted folders, files, shortcuts, registry and browsers. The best part is that it’s a portable software, means it doesn’t require any installation at all. Simply download the file and use it whenever you want to check for these junks in your PC.

In order to dig out more stuff from your PC, you can also use another excellent portable software - Avast Browser Cleanup. It's another excellent utility to keep it in your PC, since it doesn't require any installation and it makes your pc clean from clutter as well.

Things To Be Aware Of 

These toolbars / add-ons makes your browsers slow, especially when you try to open a new browser window or tab, it will take all the time in the world to open it.These browser’s Add-ons / Extensions and Toolbars cause following issues:

* Change homepage and search engine
* Track browsing activities and searches
* Display annoying ads and manipulate search results
* Take up a lot of space inside the browser
* Are difficult or even impossible for the average user to fully uninstall them

How To Use AdwCleaner To Remove Browser Toolbars, Ad-ons And Other Junk

1. Click Here to visit the AdwCleaner download page.

2. Click the Download Now button.

3. It’s only a 2 MB file in size and will not take much time for downloading.

4. Once downloaded, open the downloaded file and then click I Agree button at the Terms of use screen.

Note: Before running AdwCleaner, it's highly recommended to close all the open browsers and any open window, so that the software can perform its task efficiently or else the cleanup will not be done properly.

5. AdwCleaner main screen will pop-up immediately.

6. Without doing anything, simply click the Scan button. It will take some time to run a full scan in your PC (may be 5 minutes max). Once completed, it will show you the list of fishy items it founds in each category.

7. If you are interested to know what it has found, then click each tab in order to see the list of items, or else simply click the Clean button to remove all that clutter from your PC.

Note: Do not click the Uninstall button, or else the AdwCleaner software itself will be uninstalled.

8. It will ask you to close all the open software / browsers, in order to remove the junk from your PC completely, or else it will forcefully close everything.

9. During cleanup, it will show you another message, explaining how you can avoid such junk to be installed in your PC.

10. Once the cleanup is done, Reboot is required. Click OK to Restart your PC.

11. After restart, it will show you the log where you can see what the software has done on your PC. That's it.

Note: I always recommend to run such software twice, to make sure that everything is completely removed from the browsers / PC.

Last Thougts

AdwCleaner a very handy utility to have it in your PC. Since it doesn't require any installation, that's why I recommend everyone to save the software in your collection of best cleanup utilities along with Avast Browser Cleanup.

Give it a try and then share your comments / suggestions at below page commenting section.

To Download The Utility - AdwCleaner

Before I say anything, I just want you all to calm down and have a chill pill, because I know this topic can cause lots of heated arguments and sensitive people don’t take anything against their beloved devices easily (and I just wonder why). Android and iPhones are the trending mobile devices now days, and are considered as a HOT gadget. Based on the user experience, budget and social circle, every one of us have a favorite device and we can argue in order to defense it to any level. 

But let’s talk about some facts and let me pin point the things which most of you don’t consider, because you are a fanboy of an iPhone or Android (accept the fact). The purpose of this and the future posts (related to this title) will be to explain the features of Android / iPhone operating system, where it lacks and which one provides better functionality or have an upper edge as compare to the other one.

I will try my best not to go into very details and not to confuse you all with the tech terms. I will keep the things simple and will try not to be biased. If you think that I made a mistake in explaining something, then please do share it at below page commenting section.

Note: Since there are so many things to consider, that’s why the discussion will be continued in the next post as well. Once the future post is ready, the link will be shared at the end of this Article.

What All The Fuss Is About – What Is Android Or iPhone (IOS)

Now days, it’s all about Smartphone and when we say Smartphone, it’s either an Android phone or an iPhone. It doesn’t mean that there are no more normal phones or there are no other Smartphones in the market. Nokia is still available in the market with their own OS (operating system) in it and blackberry mobiles are still in use in many offices, but the matter of fact is that many mobile phone companies have switched to Android.
Pic Ref: Joy Of Tech

An ANDROID phone means a phone which is having a Google Operating System in it. (Operating System means the whole software which is preloaded in the device). Each year Google release a new version of Android and the recent version is name as LOLLYPOP (but you don’t have to confuse yourself with these names, your concern should be that it’s an Android device). It’s a free operating system, any mobile company can use it and sell their mobiles with Android operating system installed in it.

iPhone mobiles have an operating system which is known as IOS, and only APPLE company can use it on their own mobiles. None of the other company has a right to use IOS on any other mobile. Each year Apple company release a new version of IOS and the current version is 8.

What You Want To Do On Your Mobile

I know this question seems to be very silly, but it’s an authentic one. Until unless you don’t know why you need a mobile and why you want to spend thousands of money on an electronic device, then you just can’t make an intelligent decision.

Most of the time people say they just want to use mobile for the apps which everyone is using now days, like whatsapp, viber, skype, internet browsing, games, youtube etc. Well if this is the case, then you can use all these things on both of the mobiles (Android as well as on iPhone)

Are You A Geek / Tech User Or A Normal Guy

In Android, you can format your whole mobile and then can install customs roms on it. Customs ROMs mean, the whole new OS with that Android version which is not made by Google company, but by an IT developer. To do that, ofcourse you need to learn about it, you just can’t do it without knowing the risks involved, because if that thing goes wrong, then your mobile will just be a piece of crap, like a BRICK.

I will not say that this thing is not possible in iPhone, but people don’t do it, it’s a highly risky procedure on it and you simple cannot get the same achievements like what you get in Android after installing a custom ROM on it.

Number Of Apps

You will find all the famous apps on both of the platforms (Android and iPhones), but there are lots of apps which are only available on iPhone and not on Android and vise versa. Since both of the platforms are pretty famous now days, you just can’t judge or make a decision on the bases of the number of apps each platform have. You may find an app available on Android, but there will be an alternate app available on iPhone which can provide you similar functionality.

Note: I know you may just want the same app to be available on the other platform as well, but believe me, things don’t work like this, but once that app become famous, you will find it on both of the platform sooner or later.

Quality Of Apps

One thing is for sure, I have used Android and iPhone both a lot, and I must say that iPhone apps have an upper hand when it comes to the overall look of it. I may be wrong, but I have seen many games and apps which looks totally different on iPhone. They have an extremely shiny / glossy interface which makes you feel good and gives you extremely fantastic experience. This thing lacks a lot in Android and I just wonder why.

Overall Mobile Browsing Experience

As I already said above, I have used Android phones of different companies and I must say that they don’t meet the same level of smoothness which you get from iPhone. There is a totally different feeling when you touch the screen of an iPhone and start using it. The touch is so smooth and different as compared to any Android phone.

Although the new Android mobiles from Samsung have great touch and everything is just perfect, but I just find and feel different whenever I use iPhone.

Last Thoughts

As I said at the begining of the article, I will try to cover each and every area of these operating systems and will try to expose the info as much as possible. This discussion will continue in the next post, till then don't forget to leave your comments and suggestions at the below page commenting section.

To Be Continued ......

We being human are bad in keeping the important information safe for longer period (atleast I am :p). I often get asked from people that they want to re-install Windows on their PC, but they don’t have the serial key or they have lost it or the sticker which was placed on the computer is misplaced. Since the license is required during the installation of Windows or else after 30 days of Installation it will make your life miserable by showing you unwanted notifications and all.
 Anyhow, incase you loose your Windows or Ms-office serial key, you are not left with many options. The easiest way which I recently discovered is with the help of a software name The Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder. Using the free version of this software, you can recover almost 300+ software keys from your PC including Windows (almost all the versions) and Ms-office as well.

Note: This software is not a serial key generator, it only helps you to recover the keys from your hard disk which you previously used in order to activate the software.

What If The Hard Disk Stops Responding Before Using KeyFinder Software

This utility is especially useful in the event of a hard disk failure. Let’s say everything was working fine, but one day you find out that you are not able to login to your Windows or your Windows is simply not booting. And guess what, you don’t even have a license key with you. In such case, simply take out the hard disk from the PC, plug it in the other PC as a secondary device and then follow the steps as explained at the end of this article. You can still recover the license key of your Windows, Ms-Office and any other software which the KeyFinder free version supports.

Things To Be Aware Of

The only downside of this software is, that it installs a browser add-on, it changes your browser’s home page, changes the default search engine as well. I wonder why such a good utility will do such thing and I literary hate when a software do such fishy things in a PC. Since it’s really a worthy software, that’s why I recommend to use this utility only when it’s required (incase you need a serial key of your installed Windows or Ms-Office). Once the installation is complete, just manually remove all the junk which this software has installed and re-do the changes which it made in the browser as well.

Note: Though it says during installation that it will install some junk things in a PC, but according to my experience it didn’t do anything on my PC atleast.

How To Search For Windows, Ms-Office And Other Software Licenses

1. Click Here to visit the download page of Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder.

2. Click the Download link as shown in the picture.

3. It’s a very small software (1.3MB in size) and will take only 1 or 2 minutes for downloading.

4. Once downloaded, double click the downloaded file in order to run the installation.

5. Click Next on the screen to proceed with the installation.

6. Accept the agreement and then click Next.

7. Select the location where you want to save it, then click Next.

8. Don't click any option on the next screen and click Next.

9. As already told above, this freeware version installs some add-ons in your web browser and also change few settings of it. Click Next.

10. Click Install to begin Installation.

11. It will take less than a minute for installation. Once finished, click Finish button.

Note: You will notice that a software name Linkey is trying to install itself. If it successfully get installed, then you can un-install it later from the Control Panel – Programs and Features (in Win 7).

12. After clicking Finish, if the KeyFinder doesn’t start by itself, then you can open it from the Start Menu as well.

13. As soon it opens, you will see the name of your Windows and other softwares on the left side, and the information related to them on the right side.

Incase Of Hard Disk Failure – Not Able To Boot Into Windows

If your old hard disk is malfunctioned and you cannot open the Windows operating system in it, then just plug this old hard disk into a working PC as a secondary hard disk, install the KeyFinder software, click Tools and select Load Hive option.

Now select the partition drive of 2nd hard disk and within a minute or two it will show you the serial keys of your Windows and other softwares.

Last Thoughts

It’s an excellent little utility which you should keep it in your PC and use it incase it’s required (before it's too late). Give it a try and then share your comments and suggestions below.

To Download The Software : The Magical Jelly Bean - KeyFinder